Multi Academy Trusts

Are you part of a Multi Academy Trust? Speak to one of our team today to discuss our bespoke packages tailored to your students needs across multiple schools.

We can deliver a consistent tuition package across all of your schools ensuring every single student in need of tuition, has the same level of quality, resources and positive learning outcomes.

Our Tutors are experienced, dedicated professionals who are able to offer tailored tutoring sessions to support pupils in achieving their potential, enabling them to progress in their learning and development.

All of our Tutors are fully qualified Teachers with QTS status.

Quality and Consistency

With a strong network of teaching staff, spanning our UK wide offices and 20+ years industry experience in providing high quality, cost effective teaching staff to schools across the country, we are positioned in a such way that enables our team to provide a first class tuition service to all of your sites.

Our team are able to oversee and coordinate across all of your schools, ensuring every single student, at every single site receives high quality remote learning opportunities.

With our state of the art platform, filled with talented QTS qualified teaching staff, we will ensure your students are matched to the best suited tutors to bring them up to speed and ready for their next academic step.

Consistency for MATs is imperative and utilising our network and platform, our experience and dedication will ensure that we take the burden of delayed education away from you and every school under your trust, delivering results and measurable progress for every student.

Our Commitment To First Class Tuition

There are 100's of tuition companies offering tutors however, we've found that many just don't offer the same level of classroom continuity or delivery of positive learning outcomes the same way an experienced class teacher can.

As a result, we have used our network of 16 offices UK wide to provide schools with QTS qualified teaching staff, trained to deliver first class tuition on a 1:1 and small group basis. Our subject specialist teachers are able to deliver high quality tuition using a bespoke state of the art platform offering a huge range of benefits and clear measurable progress. 

We have specialist QTS teachers ready to fill any gaps in the academic development of your pupils to ensure that any detrimental loss of learning time due to COVID 19, has a minimal impact on their long term academic potential.